Best Muscle Building Back Exercises (video)

Best Muscle Building Back Exercises (video)

One of the best muscle building back exercises is the renegade row. The renegade row builds serious abdominal and upper-body strength that will particularly develop the core. For these variations, all you need is a pair of dumbells and sliders.


1. How to perform the Renegade Row

Go into plank position, place hands on the dumbells. Keep your core tight and belly button drawn in. Begin to pick up the dumbell and row right and row left. Complete equal reps on each side. If the exercise is too difficult try moving the feet further apart when performing the row. You can bring them closer together as you gain strength.

If you're just starting out and struggling with this movement try beginning with the plank exercise first - a similar isometric ab exercise. You can then progress to the renegade row using bodyweight only.


2. Amped Up Renegade Row (advanced)

You can always just add more weight, but if you want to really amp this exercise up add sliders! Get into the renegade row position. Place feet on the sliders, and begin to row with your left and right arms while dragging your feet on the sliders. 


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