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Fitness Is Essential

Mindset Matters

May is mental health month and we know you agree that emotional wellness is as important as physical wellness. 

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Breaking News: Physical Inactivity top predictor of sever covid outcomes

New research out of Kaiser Permanente finds that physical inactivity is a top predictor of severe COVID-19 outcomes. 

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Pandemic Stress Related Weight Gain

Growing vaccine demands are creating a downward curve of   global COVID-19 fear, however, the nation’s health crisis is far from over. 

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America Making Progress Towards Health

Much of the attention of pandemic related negative behaviors has been on weight gain. 62% of Americans report that they gained more weight than they intended since the start of the pandemic. The good news is that as we progress towards a more hopeful future, the nation is simultaneously making progress towards their health. 

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5 Facts About Mental Health & Exercise During Covid

We have all experienced changes in our life as a result of Covid-19, but did you know that daily physical activity has lasting positive effects on both your physical and mental health during these times?

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