Full Body Vacation Workout with Chris Sexton! (video)

Full Body Vacation Workout with Chris Sexton! (video)

Everyone travels. Whether it’s for business, pleasure, vacation or legendary adventures, one time of another we’ll leave our daily routine and venture out of our comfort zone to visit another location. Whether it’s a quick business conference or one of those month-long legendary adventures, one thing is for certain, we’ll be breaking our daily habits; meal prepping, fitness classes, a good nights sleep, etc. 

If you can’t make it to the gym or your food choices haven’t been the best, try this killer full body workout and get back on track!

full body vacation workout



  1. 50 Total Walking Lunges
  2. 50 Total Air Squats
  3. 20 Burpee to Broad Jumps
  4. 20 Lateral Lunges (10 per side)

Repeat 3x for maximum burn!


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